Law Office of Kevin M. Veler

The Law Office of Kevin M. Veler represents commercial and business clients in the areas of:

  • Contracts
  • Construction (including state contractor licensing matters for contractors and for consumers against contractors violating licensing laws)
  • Small Business matters
  • Corporate and Business Formation and Planning
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Business Workouts and Restructuring.

I believe that an attorney is also an legal advisor and consultant. I serve the business transaction needs of growing public and private companies in all areas of business, including those in the construction industry. I help clients turn legal challenges into business opportunities. I am dedicated to providing legal services on the basis of a complete understanding of each client's objectives and operations in order to provide efficient, experienced and personalized professional service. Proper advance counsel can help avoid legal and business risks. It's not just "is this legal". The real question is often "here is what I want to do, how do I do it within the requirements of law and good business." Emphasis is on counseling and pursuit of preventive measures to establish good business practices, avoid disruptive and costly disputes and to resolve disputes which do arise in a practical business format.

I also represent consumers in actions against unlicensed contractors performing work for which a state contractors license is required. Good contractors worked hard to obtain their state general and residential contractor's license. Other contractors who do not hold a state contractor's license limit their services to stay within the exemptions from state contractor's license law. Unfortunately, there are a number of purported contractors who are not licensed who are performing work that require a state license. These bad actors endanger Georgia's consumers.

I do not just tell you if something is possible, I show you how to make it happen